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<b>Calming</b> for Cats and Dogs<br>(60 Mini Soft Chews)

Calming for Cats and Dogs
(60 Mini Soft Chews)

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Contains researched ingredients that are known to generate calm behavior - this product relieves anxiety for cats and dogs during times of stress

Contains next generation Colustrum Isolates - a unique bio-active peptide to help reduce nausea and motion sickness

Quick and Reliable Results - calm behavior will typically be observed in 20-30 minutes and will last approximately 4-6 hours  

OVERVIEW - Sup Calming Mini Soft Chews for Cats and Dogs will promote calm behavior and reduce the symptoms of nausea created by stressors such as motion sickness, anxiety and other situations. Examples include loud noises such as fireworks and thunder storms, traveling to the veterinarian or groomer, boarding, changes to the daily routine, new or infrequent visitors, proximity to other animals, tension and fear.

RECOMMENDED USE - The following dosage guidelines outline the recommended daily amounts for the administration of Calming Mini Soft Chews:

Weight (lbs.) Dose (chews/day)
    1 - 14     0.5 - 1
    15 - 29     1 - 1.5 
    30 - 44     2
    Over 45     See below*

*1 mini soft chew per 15lbs. of body weight/day 



Feed the Mini Soft Chews as a treat or crumble over the pet’s food prior to stressful situations. Sup Calming Mini Soft Chews is formulated with a proprietary, highly palatable flavor to ensure your pet readily consumes the supplement. The Mini Soft Chews may be administered as needed, and the dose can be increased 2-3X depending upon the level of stressors.
- Thiamine Mononitrate / Vitamin B1 (67.0 mg)
- Dried Bovine Colostrum (11.0 mg) 
- L-Theanine (10.5 mg) 
- Glycerine 
- Molasses (Dried)
- Natural Chicken Flavor 
- Vegetable Oil 
- Macrogol
- Vegetable Starch
- Sucrose
- Calcium Phosphate 
- Marine Lipid Concentrates 
- Vegetable Shortening
- Magnesium Stearate
- Natural Antioxidants 
Store at Room Temperature: 59-86° F (15-30° C)
Avoid Excessive Heat
Keep Out of Reach of Children
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